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Ventipad Technology

Why choose BC Active?

Traditional bra cups found in encapsulation sports bras, compression sports bras or sports tops are typically made from man made materials that prevent the evaporation of perspiration. The result is the accumulation of moisture in the breast area, which causes discomfort to the wearer.

The VentipadTM is a revolutionary invention in bra pad technology invented with ultimate breathability in mind. Unlike traditional bra cups, the VentipadTM has perforations throughout, which allows the passage of air and moisture in the area around the chest (The picture on the left is a removable VentipadTM insert that comes in our sports bras and sports tops.

Moisture wicking fabric alone in traditional sports bras and sports tops is not enough to create a truly breathable, high performance garment. The patented ventilation channels in the Ventipad enables increased air circulation to occur which allows for perspiration to evaporate more quickly. The result is less moisture and heat, making the wearer experience more pleasant.

Ultimately, staying cool and dry is the key to staying comfortable. The combination of the VentipadTM technology with existing breathable and moisture wicking fabric enables BC Active sports bras and sports tops to be truly breathable. Whether your activity level is low, medium or high impact, you will discover that BC Active offer the ultimate in comfort, style and support.